Are The Rats Winning The Rat Race Out There?

15_brown_ratIt’s frightening really – even for those of us in the pest control business who deal with rats every day.

According to a report published recently (not by us sadly!) and highlighted yesterday by Reuters, the US is literally on the brink of a national rat invasion of epidemic proportions.   As is usually the case, this winter’s rat season is expected to be especially busy in the major US cities.

New York, Atlanta, Houston, Louisville, Philadelphia, Chicago, Boston, San Antonio, Milwaukee and Detroit are topping the list of those facing the highest risk in 2009.

So what’s the deal?  Why so many rats this year?  Expert theories abound.  Some say it’s because there’s fewer snakes (really?!?!).  Others blame it on global warming and our “milder” winters.  I even read one theory implicating the recession.  It went something like: “In a recession, people are depressed, so they don’t clean up as well.  That means garbage, and garbage means rats.”  Lastly there are some who blame it on green living – apparently rats can’t resist all of these earth-friendly compost piles! Read on for our tips you can use to help stop the rodent invasion get any worse.

One thing is for sure – rats may be deplorable, disease-carrying creatures, but they are also one of Mother Nature’s true success stories. Ever adaptable to their environment, able to swim, gnaw through metal, leap tall buildings…you get the idea.

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