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img_theLittleBookHave you ever wondered what the difference is between types of cockroaches or ants?  Do normal pest sites bore or confuse you with technical terms that really only experts need to know?  Well for all your pest questions, look no further than Mr. Little’s Classroom’s Book of Bugs!

This online, in-depth guide explores the world of pests in an interactive and amusing way.  There are thirteen different chapters that each cover a different type of pest.  This allows you to click on one that will help you uncover the answers to your pest inquiries.  From mice to spiders to flies, this guide paints a picture of how each bug looks and acts. With offbeat remarks and witty retorts, the Book of Bugs does not disappoint!

Every Pest Gets Its Page


Each of the pests featured in the Book of Bugs gets its own 3-5 page section solely devoted to it.  These pages provide accurate drawings and cover all the important information about its subject.  One can discover a pest’s habits, locations, characteristics, diet, biology and the damage they can cause with tips on getting rid of them.

Not only does the book offer all of this useful knowledge, but it also presents it in a fun way!  For example, under how to get rid of roaches, it warns, “If all attempts to exterminate roaches fail, Western Exterminator does not condone the use of nuclear radiation as a last resort, as this is largely known to be unsuccessful. In this case you may simply have to set aside your differences and co-habit.”  Each entry manages to offers some witty or humorous addition, like this one,  to keep the information fun!

There Not All Bad


In addition to the obvious pests like rats and bugs, the Book of Bugs also offers information about some common helpful bugs in the section “Bugs that Don’t Bug.”  Like the pests, these beauties, including ladybugs, butterflies, and more, are given their own section and presented in an equally fun way.  Instead of focusing on them as pests, they are presented so that their benefits and quirks educate the reader.

They Live to Kill…Bugs


The Bug Book is one of the latest (and greatest!) things to come out of Western Exterminator Company.  Founded after WWI in Hollywood, CA, the company has expanded to cover California, Nevada, and Arizona.  Even with all the growth over the years, the company has maintained its founding principle of quality customer service at a fair price.

They offer all different types of services ranging from termite, bird, and pest control to K-9 bed bug inspections.  In addition, they have specialists in bed bugs, Africanized Honey Bees, scorpions, and fire ants.  With all their services, it should be no question who to consult with all your pest control needs!

Ehrlich Pest Control
Ehrlich Pest Control

Since our founding in 1928, Ehrlich Pest Control has grown to over 100 local offices serving both residential and commercial customers throughout the Eastern U.S. Long lasting relationships with colleagues and customers is a cornerstone of our success. Many Ehrlich colleagues have been with the company for 25, 30 and 40-plus years.

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