6 Rodent Facts That Homeowners Need to Know

Owning a home comes with a set of unique challenges, and rodents don’t make life any easier. Hearing scratching noises or other signs of a rodent infestation can incite a panic in even the most fearless among us.

The cold weather drives rodents to warmer environments…like your home. No homeowner wants to fall victim to a rodent infestation, so the pest control experts at Ehrlich are here to bring you peace of mind. Here are some facts you should know about the sneaky vermin to keep your home safe.



Though there are steps you can take to make a rodent infestation less likely, DIY rodent control can be incredibly ineffective. Getting rid of rodents is a job best done by the experts. Ehrlich has been in the business for over 90 years, and our pest specialists have the knowledge and training to solve your rodent problem, big or small.

Have more questions about rodents? Visit our FAQ page. If you think rodents might be a problem in your home, contact the rodent control experts at Ehrlich Pest Control.

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