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45 Years of Trustworthy Service


Henry Linton According to Henry Linton,  “The Ehrlich name comes from the German root word for ‘trustworthy’.”

After 45 memorable years, Henry Linton retired from Ehrlich Pest Control on February 23, 2013. “I will spend time with my family who have loved and been incredibly supportive all through the years,” said Mr. Linton. Henry, for the first time in his life, will relax and take things as they come.

It all began on February 20, 1968 when Henry started out as a technician with Ehrlich. He tried to learn as much as he could, absorbing everything as quickly as possible-like a sponge.  “I thoroughly enjoyed working with people directly.” Henry also enjoyed doing large structural fumigation jobs.

Henry was a technician for eight years before being promoted to service specialist. He was then promoted to sales and thrived there for three years before being promoted again, to operations manager/assistant district manager until 2002. And then in January of 2002, Henry was promoted to district manager of the Shamokin office. “The Shamokin office was responsible for 2,500 square miles (east central PA),” said Mr. Linton.

Henry was awarded Ehrlich’s technical award in 1997. He was especially proud of his Shamokin office for having won ‘office of the year’, in 2002. “We were number one out of 36 offices,” said Mr. Linton. Henry was also the steward for the Weiss Markets accounts. “Henry would do quality assurance for 140+ stores as well as manage the behind the scenes problems,” said Lynn Hill, regional director for Region #7.

Henry remains busy as always. He now enjoys more time with (Sandra) his wife. They will have been married for 46 years in October. He also has a daughter (Tammy) who is a school teacher in Shamokin; Tammy and her husband Timothy have a daughter and a son: Alaina (7) and Timothy (14). Henry’s son, Jason, is married to Melissa and they have a son, Jalen (4). Jason has his own business (ATP Personal Training) and services the Washington DC area. “I named my son Jason after July..August..September..October and November” because they are the best sailing months,” says Henry, “think Jason and the Argonauts.”

Henry’s sense of humor undoubtedly served him well while making a difference in the lives’ of countless people that he encountered and worked with throughout his 45 years with Ehrlich.

But for those who know him, a modicum of skepticism is in order. Henry starts his ‘retirement days’ at 5:30 AM  as he makes the three-block stroll to his favorite diner and serves the customers coffee and good conversation. He’s also the Chairman of the Board of the local Salvation Army: “It’s a yearly post that I started more than five years ago, but they love having me.”

Henry is also a member of the AMVETS American Legion and an avid collector of Red Rose Tree figurines boasting a 500+ figurine collection. He also collects stamps, coins and baseball cards.

Henry admits that he misses ‘the people’ the most. Henry said, “I love communicating with people, face-to-face.” This explains a great deal about a widely respected and loved member of the Ehrlich family. A good cup of coffee and even better conversation can be yours’ if you pay Henry a visit at Snyder’s Restaurant some early morning in Shamokin.

A Few Quotes about Henry Linton from Colleagues

“Henry Linton was a friend…is a friend. He was authentic,” says Margaret Ideman.

“Henry is very meticulous and unique; if you asked me who’s the best salesman or problem solver my first answer would, unequivocally, be Henry, who is also a dear friend of mine,” Lynn Hill, regional director for region #7.

“Henry is special. He is unique and, yes he is an Ehrlich legend,” Jim Geyer, Vice President of Eastern Operations.

“Henry would say, ‘If you can’t laugh why live it,’ you couldn’t be in the same room as Henry and not smile,” Paul Kutney, District Manager of Wilkes Barre.

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