A swarm of bees

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How to get rid of bees

As healthy as bees are for our environment, they can present a problem when nests and swarms appear in and around your property. This can cause major distractions in the environment and potential dangers to those who may have allergies. Bees can sting and depending on the severity, they can pose a whole set of health and safety risks for you and your property. 

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How Ehrlich gets rid of bees

Ehrlich bee specialists are specially trained to handle stinging insects like bees and wasps. Because bees can sting in large numbers, specialized tools and suits are needed to protect you and the bees. Bees play a vital role in the environment which is why our pest experts will only remove a nest if it is a real threat to the people. 

The removal method we recommend for how to get rid of bees all depends on the size of the nest, location and the species of the bee. We also use bee veils, and specialized suits such as a thick heavy canvas suit, to keep our specialists protected against potential bee stings. If the nest is really high or hard to reach, we use a ladder and a special bee pole to remove it.

Getting rid of bumble bees

Bumble bees are fuzzy and usually build their nests under or close the ground. This type of stinging insect is not does not typically sting humans or animals but will sting if they feel threatened. The bumble bee can sting other insects repeatedly without dulling their fang. Make no mistake; this insect can become aggressive when their hive is disturbed.

What you need to do

Once you have identified the nest, the best way to get rid of a bumble bee nest is to relocate the nest. However, there are treatment restrictions on controlling bumblebees in most states, so Ehrlich will work with a local bee keeper to help us remove the nest.

Getting rid of carpenter bees

Carpenter bees bore into wood and feed on nectar. These bees will make their nests in and around planks of wood laying around most construction sites, hence the name carpenter bees. An infestation is likely if the wood isn’t discarded, or if there is a lot of loose wood lying around.

What you need to do

Since carpenter bees like wood, we insert specialized treatments such as pesticides that come in dust, wettable powders and aerosol residual formulas targeted at the nest in the holes to eliminate the bees. We also recommend sealing the holes in the wood after eradication. We like to use wood putty to seal up the holes the bees bore into the wood.

Bee removal equipment and repellants we use

Ehrlich Pest Control knows how to get rid of bees effectively. We use specialized tools like bee veils, equipment and canvas suits to remove any bee infestation on your property. High reach ladders and bee poles are used when the nest is in a hard to reach area. Bees can become dangerous when they are not properly handled and can cause a major headache to you and your environment. All of our specialists are state licensed and can handle any stinging insect problem.

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Bees can be a nuisance to your property, and because big things come in small packages, they will become a problem if the bee hive is not removed. 

If you are facing a bee infestation and will like to seek the help of a professional who knows how to get rid of bees, contact Ehrlich Pest Control today to schedule your free inspection!



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