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Bee Removal Services

Bees are amazing for our environment; they pollinate plants and help our ecosystem flourish. However, bees can become dangerous especially to those with deadly bee allergies. Bees can hurt not only humans, but animals too. If someone is allergic to bee stings, a sting from a bee can result in anaphylactic shock and even death. 

This is why it is important to identify and spot potentially harmful bees on your property. When left untreated, bee hives can get large enough to enter your property and become a hazard to everyone in and around the area. 

Bee removal is a hassle and dangerous to do by yourself, so let us do it for you! Please contact your Ehrlich Pest Control bee specialist today for information on bee removal and ask about our inspection offer.

Ehrlich Live Bee Removal Process

When you contact Ehrlich Pest Control for bee removal services your Ehrlich bee specialist will:

Determine that you have bees on your property, sometimes a stinging insect may look like a bee but it is really a wasp or a hornet. Different insects require different treatment and equipment, so it is important to know what we are looking at.

Find the hive. In order to get rid of bees you will need to know where the hive is located. There could be multiple hives depending on the infestation. Your Ehrlich bee specialist will identify entrance points in your home or business that would need to be closed off to prevent bees from entering.

Our state-licensed specialists are trained and equipped to handle many different bee hives and nests. We use tools like bee poles and protective suits to ensure the removal of bees is a safe process.

Bee Hives 101

  • Carpenter Bee Hives - Carpenter bee hives are not easily seen with the naked eye. These types of bees make holes about six centimeters wide so the female bee can lay her eggs. The female will also create her chamber by drilling these holes with her mandibles. The larvae and pupae will develop in these chambers during the spring and summer time. Carpenter bees do not sting as they are considered solitary insects and do not live in colonies.

  • Bumble Bee Hives - Unlike carpenter bees, bumble bees make their hives underground, normally in abandoned mouse burrows. Bumble bees are also social insects and live in colonies, which makes them more likely to sting. While most hives are unproblematic, the issue lies when a hive develops in an area where there is a lot of human and pet traffic. If one gets stung by a bee, it could lead to a number of problems including death.

Bee Removal Cost

While the price of bee removal services is a frequently asked question, there are many different factors that go into a price for bee removal. Some of the factors that can affect the cost include: type of bee species, the size of the infestation and the equipment needed to remove the bees. The severity of your problem can affect the cost of bee removal costs.

  • Homes - Bees can make their way into your home if a hive or nest is not removed. Ehrlich Pest Control offers a free home inspection to investigate possible access points and will provide an estimate for removal.

  • Commercial Businesses - Bees in your place of business can not only produce a hazard to your property, but to people in the surrounding areas. It can disrupt business and if left untreated can produce a real danger to the products or services you sell on your property. 

  • Do you have bees in your business? - We can take care of any bee infestation and offer competitive prices. Ehrlich Pest Control can carry out an inspection of your commercial property for any pest and will offer a plan of action on removal.

DIY Bee Removal

When facing a potentially dangerous infestation, DIY bee removal solutions, such as spraying a solution of vinegar and water on hives, are not only dangerous, but will not likely work. Most people do not have the proper clothing or equipment to deal with bees on their own, so it is best to leave the hive alone and seek the help of an expert. Identifying the type of bee and implementing treatment plans is a job for an Ehrlich bee specialist.

Contact Your Local Bee Removal Specialists

Bees can be a nuisance to your property, and because big things come in small packages, they will become a problem if the bee hive is not removed.

If you are facing bee infestation and will like to seek the help of a professional, contact Ehrlich Pest Control today to schedule your free inspection!