How To Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs

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How to Find Bed Bugs

Are you worried your property is experiencing a bed bug infestation? Bed bugs have been on the rise in last decade in the United States due to increased global travel among other factors. 

If you believe your property may be infested with bed bugs, contact pest control professionals straightaway. The sooner you can confirm the pests are bed bugs, the sooner you can take steps to get rid of the parasitic pests.  

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While it is not an easy task to identify bed bugs with the naked eye due to their small size, there are some common sense steps you can take to find bed bugs. 

Check the Bed

Bed bugs earned their name for their fondness for infesting beds. The small, brownish insects prefer to hide in close proximity to their hosts so they can sneak out at night and draw a bloodmeal without being noticed. 

Carefully inspect your bed for bed bugs by examining: 

  • The mattress - Whether you're sleeping in your bedroom or hotel room, the first thing you should check is the mattress. In addition to live insects, you may notice red marks from where bed bugs have been accidentally crushed. Bed bugs can often be found along the seam of the mattress. Also, check around the mattress tags. 
  • The bed frame - Bed bugs are found of finding little crevices in between bed frames and mattresses to hide. Be on the lookout for small cracks in the frame that bed bugs could live in. 
  • The bedding - You should also closely check the bedding for signs of bed bugs, including pillows, sheets, duvets, etc.

Check the Surroundings

After you've full inspected the bed, it is important to closely examine the area surrounding the bed. Bed bugs are extremely resourceful and will infest just about anything, given the opportunity. The more intense the infestation is, the more likely it is for areas besides the bed to be infested. 

Take the time to check the following areas in your room: 

  • Bedside Cabinets -  The items closest to the bed will be the most likely to be infested. 
  • Wardrobes & dressers -  Bed bugs are known to hitch a ride on clothes. 
  • Pictures - Bed bugs haven even been found on picture frames and other wall adornments. 
  • Furniture - All furniture in the room should be inspected, including the seams and cushions of couches, sofas and chairs. When inspecting, remove any furniture covers.

Check Your Bags

Your luggage is a bed bug's one way ticket to a new home, full of potential human hosts. Bed bugs are most commonly transported into new places via luggage.  Follow the below tips to properly check your bags for bed bugs. 

  • Closely examine the webbing and seams on the exterior of your bags
  • If you're storing your bags on luggage stands, inspect the joints of the stand for bed bugs.
  • If bed bugs are discovered on your luggage, it is important to cover them in a plastic bag until they can be properly laundered.