How To Get Rid of Bed Bugs

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Bed bug inspection

Bed bugs are a real threat to properties, as they are quite sneaky and can spread in a building, creating anxiety and potentially damaging your brand image. Also, when a bed bug problem exists for a while without action being taken, it is harder to control, so it’s crucial to detect it as soon as possible. If you have seen signs that suggest bed bugs could be present, you should get in touch with a pest control company for an inspection at the first chance you get.

Ehrlich conducts thorough inspections that will assess whether bed bug activity is present, we have a great depth of expertise in bed bug control, and we can tailor our treatments toward your needs. Although you may think you can tell whether these pests are inside by yourself, you may miss hiding places or signals that they are there. The Ehrlich inspector who visits your home or business will be trained in bed bug inspection, so you can be confident that any problems will be caught.

How to inspect for bed bugs

When Ehrlich does bed bug inspections, we look for some signs that indicate they could be present. Red flags include:

  • Fecal spots - on a soft surface they can look like marks from a fabric marker and on a hard surface they can look like a black bump.
  • Shed bug bug skins - bed bugs shed their skin multiple times during their lives.
  • The actual bed bugs - learn more about bed bug identification here.
  • Blood spots on pillowcases and sheets - this comes from human blood.

You should look for these signs as well around your property so you can tell whether you need to contact a pest control professional. Also, if you’re traveling and notice any bed bug warning signs at a hotel or other location, speak up about the issue.

Bed bug inspection cost

You may wonder what is the price of a bed bug inspection with Ehrlich, and this is a good question. The true answer is, the cost can vary depending on the circumstances of your specific situation, so it’s best to reach out to us to set up an appointment and learn more at that point.

How Ehrlich conducts a bed bug inspection

Before you have a bed bug inspection with Ehrlich, it is helpful to know what to expect. One of our representatives will speak with you about your issue. The Ehrlich representative may ask you about the factors that suggest you are dealing with a bed bug problem and the areas where you and other property inhabitants sleep or spend a lot of time sitting so we know where to inspect. The inspection will begin in a place where people within the property sleep, rest or sit - commonly this will be your bed. It could also include a couch or a reclining chair.

Ehrlich provides bed bug inspections for both residential and commercial properties, so whether you own a home or operate a hotel, hospital or other business, we can assess your situation and figure out the best way to solve it. The amount of time needed for the inspection will depend on the number of places that bed bugs could be infesting. You can expect to receive a thorough inspection but we remain respectful of your time and aim to work in an efficient manner.

You should not need to prepare much for the bed bug inspection; however, please remove trash or dirty laundry that happens to be lying around.

After the bed bug inspection

If we have found bed bug activity during the inspection, we will usually make an appointment for treatment to take place on a separate date. Ehrlich provides bed bug services that include conventional treatment and heat treatment. We can determine the solution that best fits your circumstances and takes care of the issue.

Additionally, Ehrlich offers canine bed bug inspections, so if you are interested the use of a bed bug dog, get in touch with us to see if this service is available in your area.

Attempting to eliminate bed bugs without the proper training or materials is not likely to work, so your best step is to alert a pest control company right away if you think bed bugs have invaded your home or business. Still, it’s smart to learn more about the habits of these bugs and their appearance so you can avoid problems or spot them before the issue becomes worse.

Ehrlich is a great choice for bed bug inspection, so reach out today if you suspect these pests have entered your premises.



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