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Pests such as cockroaches, birds, mice, rats, mosquitoes and other insects and rodents can ruin your enjoyment of your Beaufort, SC, home. They can cause damage, bring health issues and risks with them and can even lower property values. If you own a business, certain pests can completely ruin your reputation and cost you business.

For reliable local pest control in Beaufort, SC, there's Ehrlich. Our specialists are local and highly trained to provide you with the best service and the most reliable pest control treatments around. We show up on time and offer a thorough property inspection to find out which pests are creating the problem and then work with you to find a solution.

Experience counts and our Beaufort pest control experts have a combined 100 years of it at their beck and call. We will use that experience to provide you pest control services for your home or business that will remove pests and stop them from coming back. Contact us today!

Jeremy Rushing

Manager of Ehrlich Pest Control in Charleston

"I have worked for Ehrlich for 13 years. I began my career as a Sales Representative in the Wyoming office in 2004, and moved up to District Manager of Pensacola, FL in 2008. In 2012, I became Operations Manager of Beaufort, SC, and am now District Manager of Charleston and Beaufort."

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Specialist pest control services in Beaufort, South Carolina

We specialize in termite control services (including CL-100 inspections), bed bug services (including canine inspections), and year round pest control protection for residential homeowners.

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Bed bug control Beaufort, SC

Bed bugs can grow into a serious infestation and problem very, very quickly. It just takes a couple to start multiplying and then they multiply and, before you know it, carpets, picture frames, mattresses, sheets, sofas and other areas are crawling with the tiny blood-feeders.

One of the traits that makes a bed bug infestation so hard to deal with on your own is that they are very good at hiding. Unless you are trained to spot the signs, it can be tough to eliminate them and missing a couple causes them to come back. Ehrlich is the local bed bug control and treatment specialist Beaufort residents and business owner turn to.

Don't live with bed bugs and don't burn all of your clothes and furniture. Instead, contact Ehrlich for bed bug control in Beaufort that will get rid of the current infestation and prevent them from returning.

Spider control Beaufort, SC

All around your property and in the corners of your home spiders can set up their webs and start dining away on insects. A few of them can even be helpful by cutting down the mosquito population or getting rid of flies. However, spiders tend to lay a lot of eggs and produce hundreds of more spiders and you could end up with a spider infestation.

Ehrlich specialists are the experts in spider control Beaufort homes and businesses need to get rid of that spider infestation. Spider webs collect debris and can become littered with insect carcasses which make your home and property look dirty. Plus, some spiders prefer not to be disturbed and will bite if someone runs into their webs, which potentially puts your family at risk.

Contact a spider control expert at Ehrlich today and we'll find the webs, get rid of the spiders and help prevent their return.

Tick control and removal in Beaufort, SC

Ticks feed on blood and they can get on you and your pets very easily. Tall grass near your home is enough for them to hitch a ride and then they will crawl until the find a place to feed. Once they do, they have the potential of bringing some health risks and are known to be the cause of serious health problems such as Lyme disease. A few ticks inside your home can cause them to infest and feed on the rest of your family.

Finding ticks in your home can be tough and they are often only spotted on your pets after they have fed and the damage is done. Ehrlich tick control specialists in Beaufort, SC, will help you find the ticks and provide effective methods to get rid of them. Our advice and treatment options will also help keep them away from your home or business.

The first step in getting rid of ticks is to contact Ehrlich and schedule an appointment!



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