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Moisture control services

For over 35 years Ehrlich (formerly A-Active Pest Control) has studied how moisture affects homes and businesses. Moisture can be very destructive and we know how to correct the problem. No, we don’t just put a big fan up in front of your place and call it a day. We’ve helped thousands of people fitting one or more solutions to the problem.

The solution

The first step; A thorough evaluation by a trained professional from Ehrlich (formerly A-Active Termite and Pest Control). We do feel strongly about that choice. Sometimes all you need is preventative maintenance that can be performed by you, but you won’t know that unless we evaluate. If the problem is more serious we will solve it using one of these solutions:

  • Sand Installation
  • Crawl Space Dehumidifiers
  • Vapor Barrier Installation
  • Fungus Treatments
  • Automatic Foundation Vents
  • Moisture Damage Repairs

And the best part is, we offer complete Pest & Moisture inspection at NO CHARGE. So, call us today at 888-433-5046 and let us show you what solution is best for your problem.

Please note: Moisture Control Services are only offered in Virginia at this time.

If you’re a customer who has the Gold Medallion Service Plan (pest + termite- Sentricon) see the Gold Medallion Terms and Conditions for more information.

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