Termite Prevention

Termite Prevention Plans

Protect your property from termite damage with the best termite prevention services from JC Ehrlich.

Our precautionary service plans are suitable for both residential and commercial properties, using methods that have been proven to work and backed by years of scientific research.

Ehrlich technicians undergo special ongoing training enabling them to detect the first signs of termite damage and offer advice on how to keep termites out of your property during the monitoring and baiting phase.

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Termite Problems

PRECAUTIONARY SERVICE PLANS - for termite prevention

Post Construction Conventional Termite Treatment

  • Liquid termitacide treatment for exterior structure perimeter
  • Only used if there is no evidence of termite activity in or on the structure
  • One year warranty renewable annually
  • Suitable for commercial and residential properties

Post Construction Monitoring/Baiting Termite Treatment

  • Monitoring baiting system installation around perimeter of structure
  • Localized treatment in areas of activity inside
  • Ongoing maintenance plan to protect structure while system is in place
  • Regular checks for activity by licensed technician
  • Periodic reports provided to customer
  • Suitable for commercial and residential properties

Pre-Constructional Termite Treatment

  • Liquid termitacide application during construction phase
  • Includes treatment of soil before slab is poured and treatment of perimeter of the structure
  • 5 year warranty and limited damage repair within that 5 year period
  • Warranty can be renewed after the initial period, but does not include damage repair
  • Monitoring baiting system available under certain circumstances (may not include repair warranty)

YRPP+ Termite Treatment

  • Bundled pest control and M/B service
  • Includes standard YRPP service plus an installed monitoring baiting system (Sentricon)
  • Limited repair waiver for qualified homes
  • Used in residential properties only

PLUS : Free additional services provided if termite activity occurs during the monitoring process; inspection of visibly accessible interior areas as needed or upon request; ongoing professional care service provision after the initial service duration until you instruct us to stop

Termite Problems

Did you know that all properties can be at risk from a termite infestation?

Although termites prefer a moist environment and structures that are primarily made of wood or cellulose, even properties built primarily of brick or stone can still suffer from termite problems. This is because structural supports as well as other building components are constructed of wood and other cellulose-based materials, just the stuff that termites like to feed on. This is how termites can seriously damage the foundations of a building.

Did you know that termites can go undetected for many years, causing extremely costly damage?

Termites are responsible for billions of dollars worth of damage each year. A termite infestation can be hard to spot as termites live underground and eat away at wood from the inside. They can damage a property for many years, without your knowledge and without any obvious signs. This damage can be very expensive to fix.

Taking preventative measures can stop termites in their tracks, saving you huge sums of money.

While no one can guarantee that you will never have a termite problem, having a termite prevention plan using Ehrlich’s Monitoring and Baiting Services can ensure early detection of a possible problem and the opportunity to solve it quickly before it turns into a serious infestation. Termite specialists can suggest simple steps to protect buildings and prevent a small termite problem developing into a damaging termite infestation.

We are here to help you help yourself... Tips for Effective Termite Prevention:

Whilst we would always recommend a routine inspection by a trained specialist who can spot the early signs of termite damage, there are one or two things you can do to aid termite prevention. Termites need three things to survive – wood, moisture and shelter . If you are able to minimize wood and moisture, you will be protecting your property from the risk of a termite problem and the need for a potentially costly termite control solution.

  • Stack firewood at the far end of the garden
  • Make sure that leaves and garden waste aren’t stored next to the house
  • Ensure regular maintenance of taps and pipes
  • Provide good ventilation in crawl spaces

Wood that directly touches soil gives termites easy access. Regular inspection of the following may help to spot early signs of termites.

  • Fence posts, trellises or landscaping ties
  • Firewood stacked up against the house
  • Mulch that touches the house
  • Structural supports
  • Wood debris (often from building) buried in the soil

A seemingly small leak can create perfect moisture conditions for termites. Whenever possible, try to fix the following, which may discourage termite activity around your property:

  • Leaky faucets
  • Leaky gutters and downspouts that leave water near the foundation
  • Ground sloping toward the foundation
  • Insufficient ventilation in basements and crawl spaces


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