Termite Treatment and Monitoring

Termite Treatment and Monitoring


Once termites are discovered on a property, treatment is essential to bring them quickly under control.

Monitoring of termite activity, through the use of bait stations, will help to establish the severity of the problem and the best methods needed to resolve it.

Ehrlich uses products that have been proven to work in over 2 million sites across the US including Independence Hall, the Statue of Liberty, Mount Vernon, and the White House.

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Ehrlich’s Termite Treatment Options

Ehrlich Termite Tech Image Ehrlich can offer a number of options to owners with an existing termite problem. Following a thorough inspection of your building structure, we can customize a solution plan that is unique to your property and termite infestation.

Ehrlich’s treatment programs are backed by over 70 scientific articles and research conducted by 30 universities to ensure that customers receive the very best in termite control and prevention.

We only use termite technicians that are local to you, because with a better understanding of your community and conditions that may impact termites and their activity, we do a better job with a termite treatment program.

We offer treatment plans for existing termite problems, which can be customized to suit your home or business and your specific termite infestation.

If you do not currently have a problem, but wish to prevent termites, you can benefit from Ehrlich’s prevention plan.

Conventional Termite Treatment 

Ehrlich’s conventional treatment plan uses the proven successful method of the application of liquid termiticide. This method is useful for both treating an existing problem and as part of a prevention plan.

Benefits of Conventional Treatment 

  • Unobtrusive - Less intrusion indoors as treatments carried out mainly on the exterior of the property
  • Green / environmentally friendly approach - less amount of material is required during service

How it Works

    • Liquid termitacide treatment used on areas of termite activity inside and out
    • Drilling is required to apply material under slabs and porches and into hollow block wall voids. (All drilled areas are filled once the treatment is complete)
    • Exterior and interior application levels based on infestation level
    • Service includes renewable one year warranty
    • Suitable for all buildings (homes and businesses)

Monitoring/ Baiting Termite Treatment

The techniques we use to monitor and bait termites are successful because we combine our expert eye for termite spotting with treatments that tap into the natural instincts of termites.

This helps Ehrlich to deliver a service that causes almost no inconvenience to homeowners or commercial property owners.

Benefits of Termite Monitoring and Baiting 

Termites locate unobtrusive termite bait stations placed around the perimeter of a property because of their natural foraging behavior. The termites then eat the bait, and share it with other nest mates.

This gradually kills large numbers of termites in the colony, and reduces its size until it can no longer support itself and so collapses.

  • Unobtrusive – Termite monitoring and baiting does not change the appearance of your home as termite bait stations are placed in strategic and discreet locations
  • Non-disruptive – No drilling is required for the installation of bait stations
  • Peace of mind – Routine, ongoing checks looking for signs of termite activity will mean that if a problem is discovered, it can be controlled quickly

How it Works

  • Monitoring and baiting system installation around perimeter of the structure
  • Localized treatment of areas of activity inside
  • Ongoing maintenance plan to protect structure while the system is in place
  • Regular bait station check by licensed technician
  • Periodical reports provided to the customer
  • Suitable for all buildings (homes and businesses)

PLUS: Extra no-cost service visits provided as needed or upon request; ongoing professional care service provision after the initial service duration until you instruct us to stop

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