Termite Species

Formosan Termites

Formosan termites are native to East Asia but their love of warm climates has meant that they have found suitable places to call home in certain areas of the United States after finding their way into the country after World War II.

Image of Formosan Termite [Coptotermes formosanus] | Ehrlich Pest Control

They are typically orange-brown and yellow-brown in appearance and are between 1/2" and 3/5” in length and can be identified by their wings which are covered in fine hairs.

Formosan Termites Lifecycle

Termites have a caste system where there are workers, soldiers, and reproductive adults called queens and kings. The role of the worker is to provide the nest with food, tend the eggs, and also build and maintain the nest itself.

The soldiers on the other hand are responsible for defending the nest and in particular the queen herself. The King and the Queen are the primary reproductives within the colonoy, if either of them die or the colony becomes too crowded, winged alates are sent to establish new colonies. It is known for a Formosan Termite colony to grow to 300 feet in size and contain several million termites.

Formosan termites can infest a huge variety of structures, from boats, high-rise condominiums and trees and because they consume wood at a much greater rate compared to other species, they can cause major damage to homes and buildings and must be treated with utmost urgency. They can be seen in huge swarms in the evening during humid conditions, usually between April and July.

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