Termite Species

Dampwood Termites

Image of Damp Wood Termite | Ehrlich

Dampwood termites typically infest damp and decaying timber. This species is commonly found in the Pacific Coast states. They live in moist wood and do not require soil contact. Dampwood termites produce fecal pellets that are an indication of infestation.

Dampwood termites are generally much larger than the other termites. They are typically 3/16"-3/8" in length and brown in color and have two pairs of long slender wings which are deciduous. 

Dampwood Termite Behavior and Biology 

Dampwood termites contain several species and "swarm" to set up new nests during the year from January to October. 

There is no worker caste in damp wood termites, the nymphs do all the tasks typically done by workers.

Damp wood termites can infest buildings or structures where wood is in contact with the ground or with moisture from: 

  • plumbing leaks
  • ventilation
  • drainage deficiencies

Other areas of moisture can be found in gutters filled with leaves and make it attractive to damp wood termites.

Dampwood Termites Diet

The damp wood termite feeds on wood – damp, rotting, or any other wood that has moisture. Damp wood termites tunnel their way into the wood and usually hide when they are eating wood so they can remain undetected.

Dampwood Termites Lifecycle

  • Primary Queens can lay several thousand eggs a day.
  • A colony has a King and Queen - the only termites to mate, although it is not uncommon for a colony to have an additional breeding pair.

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