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I’m a Year Round Protection Plan Customer. Why doesn't the Ehrlich Technician power spray the exterior of my home during the winter?

Exterior power spraying is effective in warmer months when insects are active outdoors. During the colder months, outdoor insect activity lessens, so your Technician will focus on the area most prone for pest activity - indoors. We also inspect for signs of termite activity during the winter months – a crucial step to protect your home.

Why must a corrective service be performed before a maintenance plan can begin?

Initial services are designed to control existing pest conditions and to lay the foundation for our preventive service to start. Long term, this is an important step in preventing pest activity as opposed to reacting to it.

Why am I seeing more pest activity after my service?


Depending on the materials used, it is common to see an increase in activity following service. Some materials are actually designed to attract pests because they share it with others in their nest. The increase in activity will subside over time as more pests die from feeding on the bait.

Increased pest sightings are also common after service because the pests are exposed to a material that is an irritant.

How long after a treatment should I wait before calling for additional service?

It generally takes 7 to 10 days for most services to be fully effective. We recommend giving the materials 7 to to 10 days to work before calling to request an additional service. Certainly, if you have concerns or are in doubt, please contact us.

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