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Welcome to Ehrlich Pest Control in Raleigh, North Carolina.

We specialize in integrated pest management and wood-destroying insect control. In addition to helping our customers rid their properties of pests, we provide pest prevention and monitoring services.

When chemicals are necessary, we primarily use organic and green pesticides from the San Francisco Reduced-Risk Pesticide List.

Besides general pest management, we also specialize in bird control, vegetation management, lawn and ornamental, and wildlife removal.

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Sean Mack

Ehrlich Pest Control Branch Manager

Service Center Manager in Raleigh

"My name is Sean D. Mack and I am proud to service everywhere between the Outer Banks and the Blue Ridge Mountains. I joined Ehrlich as an Operations Manager after spending a long time in the U.S. Army – I am originally from Winston-Salem and am glad to be serving the Old North State."

Raleigh Pest Trends

Insects and Rodents

North Carolina is home to many different types of pests including spiders, ants, termites, bees, rats, mice and many more.

Our team is trained to handle these pests efficiently and effectively when you need it most.

Let our professional and experienced technicians be the green and healthy solution to your pest problem.

Raleigh Pest Control Expertise

We specialize in green pest control services and take pride in our knowledge of pests that affect the Raleigh area.

All our technicians are Green Pro Certified and have passed pest control training courses from Purdue University.