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Meadow Vole

Microtus pennsylvanicus


Image of Meadow Vole [Microtus pennsylvanicus] | Ehrlich Pest Control
  • Small rodent, short legs, short tail.
  • Average length 6.5".
  • Chestnut-brown fur which is greyer in Winter.
  • Front paws have four toes, hind paws have five.
  • Round nose.


  • Females can reproduce 1-5 times a year.
  • Average five pups per litter.
  • Lifespan is less than one year in natural environment due to predators, can live several years when in captivity.


  • Visibility - Are visible year-round. Most active at night during Summer, and during the day in Winter.
  • Feeding - Grasses and seeds, tree bark in Winter.
  • Location - Open fields including wet meadows especially areas with dense plant cover.
  • Nesting - They create underground burrows and build a summer nest from dry grass. During the Winter they make nests above ground level under snow.


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