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Black Widow

Lactrodectus hesperus


Image of Black Widow Spider [Lactrodectus hesperus] | Ehrlich Pest Control
  • Color: typically black, underneath side has 2 reddish triangular markings usually joined to form a reddish hour glass-shaped figure on females.
  • Females are overall length of 1 1/2- 1 3/8” long
  • Males are about half the size of females.


  • Females can lay a maximum number of egg sacs ranging from 6-21, with about 185-464 eggs per sac.
  • Adult females can live 822-952 days and adult males 127-196 days.


  • Outdoors they commonly live in protected places.
  • Indoors, they are typically found in seldom used parts of garages, basements and in crawl spaces.

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