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Tree Funnel Web Spiders

Hadronyche Cerberea


Image of Tree Funnel Web Spider [Hadronyche Cerberea] | Ehrlich Pest Control
  • A large, bulky spider, with females reaching over 35mm in body length and males around 25mm
  • The head region is characteristically glossy black, while the abdomen is dark brown or purplish in colour. The body and legs are covered with fine hairs


  • Males reach sexual maturity at four years of age, females a year later
  • The female produces an egg sac containing a hundred or so eggs and stores this in her burrow until the spiderlings hatch
  • Males usually die some 6-8 months after reaching maturity, while females may continue to breed for several more years
  • Males usually die after mating


  • The habits of Tree Funnel Web spiders are similar to the Funnel Web but it lives predominantly in trees
  • Their main diet consists of insects, although items as large as frogs and lizards may also be taken
  • Funnel Web bites may be fatal to humans

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