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Red Spider Mite

Tetranychus urticae


Image of Red Spider Mite [Tetranychus urticae] | Ehrlich Pest Control
  • Body soft and small barely visible to the naked eye.
  • In their juvenile stage they have 3 pairs of legs, adults have 4 pairs of legs.
  • Generally they are red in colour in the autumn/winter, the rest of the year adults vary from off white to green in colour.



  • Eggs are laid in small clusters on the underside of leaves near the mid vein.
  • All stages of the life cycle feed on plant phloem.
  • The whole life cycle from egg to egg can be as short as 8 days but this is highly dependant on the ambient air temperature.



  • Feeds on a wide variety of plants, causing speckling and bronzing of leaves.
  • Predominately found in glasshouses.

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