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Boxelder Bug

Boisea trivittata


Image of Boxelder Bug [Boisea trivittata] | Ehrlich Pest Control
  • Black with reddish lines-adults. Bright red-nymphs
  • Elongated-oval shape, somewhat flattened with head narrower than body
  • 1/2” long
  • 6 legs
  • 4-segmented antenna, about half of body length
  • Mouthparts piercing-sucking form a beak held beneath body when not in use.
  • Wings with outer membrane, many veined.


  • Overwintering adults emerge from hibernation late April to early May
  • Eggs turn red and hatch in two weeks, then go through five instars (phases of growth)


  • Feeding-Feed on the seeds of boxelder trees and seed-bearing silver maple trees. Occasionally they will feed on the fruit of apple trees and plum trees
  • Visibility-Congregate on south side of trees, rocks and buildings where the sun hits
  • Produce a strong, disagreeable odor when handled or crushed
  • Caution- Boxelder bugs can bite, causing a skin irritation

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