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Order Collembola


Image of Springtail [Order Collembola] | Ehrlich Pest Control
  • Adults 1/32" – 3/16"long.
  • They can be black, white, yellow, lavender, red, green or gold. Some are patterned, mottled, iridescent or even metallic.
  • In addition to antennae and three pairs of legs, springtails jump with an unusual forked structure on the end of their abdomen, called the furcula.


  • Eggs are spherical and about 0.2 mm in diameter.
  • They are laid singly or in clusters. After about 10 days, the eggs hatch into juveniles and in 6 days mature to adult.
  • Adults live up to one year.


  • They prefer dark, damp areas in natural habitats like leaf mould, damp soil or rotting logs.
  • They feed on algae, decomposing vegetable matter, bacteria and fungi.

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