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Plaster Beetles

Family — Lathridiidae and Cryptophagidae


Image of Plaster Beetle [Family — Lathridiidae] | Ehrlich Pest Control


  • 3 mm or less, with elongate-oval shape abdomen covered with rows of pits.
  • Antennae are 8-11 segmented with 1-3 segmented club.
  • Most species do not fly.


  • 3 mm or less, body surface generally smooth
  • Antennae are 11 segmented with 2-4 segmented club.


  • Development from egg to adult takes between 21 and 35 days at 25C for commonly occurring species.


  • Plaster beetles do not damage property since they feed exclusively on moulds and exist only under damp conditions conducive to mould growth.
  • Minor pests on damp plaster, particularly in newly–built houses. Also in mills and warehouses where they may infest damp foodstuffs.
  • Natural habitat is leaf litter, under bark and in ant and termite nests.
  • Larvae and adults feed exclusively on hyphae and spores of moulds, mildews and higher fungi.
  • May contaminate food.
  • Cryptophagidae found in bird and wasp nests.

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