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Greenhead Flies

Tabanus nigrovittatus


Image of Greenhead Fly (Tabanus nigrovittatus) | Ehrlich Pest Control
  • Length about 7/8-1 1/8”
  • Light brown in color with bright green eyes, thorax and abdomen reddish brown


  • Females live for three to four weeks in the uplands before they become too weak to bite
  • Adult flies mate on the open marsh. Within a few days and without seeking a blood meal, the female lays her first egg mass, consisting of 100 to 200 eggs. To produce additional egg masses, the female needs a blood meal


  • Adult female greenheads move from the salt marsh to nearby -wooded or open areas along the marsh edge to seek suitable blood sources. There they await and attack wildlife, livestock, and people that venture close enough for them to detect
  • Greenhead flies are produced from our coastal marshes

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