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The Ehrlich Pest Guide is a comprehensive source of information on pests across your backyard – and across the globe. Click on one of the areas below to get started.

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Insects & Spiders

There are many families of insects and spiders that are pests in the home or the workplace – carpenter ants, common house spiders, cockroaches.

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Ehrlich’s Bird Control Specialist can control pest bird and bat problems without harm to them or your property. Pigeons, Starlings, and Canada Geese are just a few common species that can damage your home or place of business.

Mice, Rats and Rodents

Mice, Rats, & Rodents

There are several types of rodents that you really don't want to see around your house or place of business — but the main are the black rat, the brown rat and the house mouse.


Find out more about different termite species by visiting our pages about Subterranean Termites, Damp Wood Termites, Dry Wood Termites, and Formosan Termites.

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