Pest Control Services

Pest Control Services

Pest Control Services & Solutions

At Ehrlich we have a range of pest control services to help keep your business pest free all year round. Our services are carried out by trained experts using specialized products and materials. Our expertise in the field of pest control is further supported by a team of dedicated entomologists.

Learn about our range of pest control services and expertise below:

  • Service Programs – A range of solutions, in addition to pest control, are available to your business.
  • Products & Solutions – We have a range of products and solutions for fly & insect control, rodent control and bird control.
  • Ehrlich Distribution – Product Sales – Pest control products & materials are available from Ehrlich for the ‘do-it-yourselfer’.
  • Technical Expertise – Ehrlich Pest Control Technicians are the most highly trained and experienced in the business. A dedicated team of Entomologists provide invaluable support to our Technicians.
  • Health & Safety – At Ehrlich we take health & safety issues very seriously. We constantly aim to improve on our health & safety record as an organisation.

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