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Occasional Invaders

“Occasional invaders” is the name given to a group of insects, which tend to invade our homes or business from time to time.

Occasional Invaders include the following insects:

  • Crickets
  • Ground beetles
  • Boxelder bugs
  • Ladybugs
  • Earwigs
  • Millipedes

These insects can invade structures in small to large numbers often to seek the warmth and protection of our property. They can gain access into our homes or business via basements, crawl spaces and cracks and crevices in foundation walls and around doorways and windows.

These occasional invaders are not generally known to cause damage to structures, apart from the cricket, which can damage fabrics including silk, wool, synthetics (particularly viscose, triacetate and acetate). Clothing soiled with perspiration are highly attractive to crickets and unlike clothing moth holes, crickets chew large holes in fabrics they take an interest in.

Ehrlich's Solution for Occasional Invaders

Ehrlich’s occasional invader solution takes the worry out of pest invasions and involves:

identifying the insect,

structuring an effective treatment plan,

treating exterior and interior areas, which could attract this group of insects.

Our solution customizes a treatment strategy based on the type of insect, the environment the structure is situated in and any exterior conditions that contribute to the occasional invader infestation.

Find out more about Ehrlich’s Year Round Protection Plan, which offers protection for your home against these occasional invader insects.

How To Get Rid of Occasional Invaders

Getting that unexpected visit from occasional invaders usually means trying to learn what type of insect you’re dealing with and finding out how the insects got in.

Inspect your property for any potential entry points

Seal exterior cracks and crevices

Ensure windows and door frames seal tightly

Install door sweeps to tighten the gap at the base of doorways

Inspect plants before bringing them inside

If you already have a problem with these insects inside your home or business, using a vacuum or employing the catch and release method, are some of examples of things you can do to get rid of the invading insects.

If the infestation is moderate to severe, or prolonged in duration, we recommend you get help from a professional exterminator.

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