Termite Monitoring & Baiting

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The use of termite monitoring and baiting systems is a modern approach to termite control.

Ehrlich uses the only monitoring and baiting system that has a proven track record in over 2 million sites in the United States including Independence Hall, the Statue of Liberty, Mount Vernon, and the White House.

The effectiveness of this system for termite monitoring and baiting is backed by over 70 scientific articles and research conducted by 30 universities.

The Ehrlich technician sent out to you is local to your neighborhood, which means they will have a better understanding of your local community and conditions that may impact termites and termite activity.

How Termite Monitoring & Baiting Works

With a monitoring and baiting service program, unobtrusive termite bait stations are placed around the perimeter of your property. 

Termites locate the bait stations because of their natural foraging behavior, eat the bait, and share it with other nest mates. 

This gradually kills large numbers of termites in the colony, and reduces its size until it can no longer support itself and so collapses.

Ehrlich’s technicians will routinely monitor these stations for termite activity.

Benefits of Termite Monitoring & Baiting

  • Unobtrusive – does not change the appearance of your home as termite bait stations are placed in strategic and discreet locations.
  • Non-disruptive – no drilling required for the installation of bait stations.
  • Peace of mind – routine, ongoing checks looking for signs of termite activity will mean that if a problem is discovered, it can be controlled quickly.
  • Environmentally friendly

The choice of a termite control system depends on many factors, including, your home’s construction and the severity of the termite problem.

Your Ehrlich Termite Control Representative will help you decide if monitoring and baiting is right for you.

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Termite Monitoring/Baiting Service Plans

Ehrlich offers two types of service plans to monitor termite activity. 

The Continuous Remedial Service plan is offered to a property with an existing termite problem and the Precautionary Service plan is offered if there is no current termite activity. 

Continuous Remedial Service Plan for Termites

This plan is offered when there is an existing termite problem

It involves the installation of strategically placed bait stations outside of your property, as well as:

  • Scheduled service in each year of the plan.
  • Extra, no-cost service visits provided, as needed.
  • Inspection of visibly accessible areas of your home, offered periodically or upon request.
  • Routine monitoring/baiting services after the initial service duration plan as an ongoing professional care service until you instruct us to stop.

Precautionary Service Plan for Termites

This plan is provided when there are no signs of termite activity

It will provide for an initial installation of exterior bait stations and scheduled visits during the year.

  • FREE additional services provided, if termite activity occurs during the monitoring process.
  • Inspection of visibly accessible areas on the interior of your home is offered or provided upon request.

Regardless of which plan you choose, your service will automatically continue without interruption, until you instruct us to stop.

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