Termite Treatment

If termites become a problem on your property, Ehrlich’s Termite Treatment services can help you to deal with the problem effectively.

We’ll help you decide on the most suitable termite treatment, dealing with your termite problem quickly and efficiently.

Termites are an extremely persistent and challenging pest. If you have identified a termite at your property, or have seen signs of termites in your home or at work Ehrlich is ready to help.

Ehrlich’s Termite Treatment Programs are designed specifically for your property and your needs.

Termite Treatment Programs

Because every termite situation is different, Ehrlich offers the option of standard, conventional treatment methods or monitoring / baiting services.

  • Termite Monitoring and Baiting – Ehrlich’s termite monitoring and baiting service program utilizes Sentricon System’s unobtrusive bait stations. These are placed around the perimeter of your home. Your Ehrlich Termite Technician will routinely monitor these stations for termite activity.

  • Conventional Termite Treatment - Applying treatment materials at critical areas in and around the structure. New, non-repellent termiticide technology continues to make use of conventional treatment materials such as Termidor and Phantom.

Termite control technology has evolved significantly in recent years. By calling Ehrlich, you can be assured that you are working with an honest company that continuously strives for satisfaction.

A FREE termite inspection by a trained Ehrlich termite technician can help determine whether or not your home really has termites.

With over 80 years of experience, Ehrlich has the know-how to protect your home from termites.

Call us today at to arrange a free termite inspection or to discuss your termite treatment options.

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