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Pest Control Newark

Welcome to Ehrlich Newark! Our 25 licensed Technicians are passionate about meeting the needs of pest control customers throughout the Newark area and nearby cities, including Elizabeth and Jersey City. 

We have the best-trained Technicians in the industry and are 100% committed to responding quickly to our customers' pest concerns. All Ehrlich Technicians live in the communities they serve and are extremely knowledgeable about pests in northern New Jersey. 

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James Neiswender

Frank Modrick is Area District Manager for Ehrlich Pest Control in Allentown,  Pennsylvania

Area District Manager in Avenel

"I have been with Ehrlich for more than 25 years. I love helping people and solving their pest problems. Here at Ehrlich our experienced Technicians go above and beyond to ensure that our customers our completely satisfied with their service."

Newark Pest Trends

Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs have become increasingly common in the Newark area due to the many high rise apartments and hotels in Newark. Our bed bug specialists are licensed applicators with many years of experience performing treatments. 

We offer bed bug heat treatments which uses portable heaters to eliminate all presence of bed bugs from a room. This environmentally-friendly approach is highly-regarded for its effectiveness and speed at which it gets rid of the pests. 

Rat and Mouse Control

Rats and mice are attracted to the constant construction and building refurbishments in downtown Newark which can cause a host of problems for businesses and homeowners. Our discreet and safe rodent control service is designed to quickly get rid of infestations. 

Our Technicians are knowledgeable about the biology and behavior of rodents which enables them to recommend the best treatment plans for their customers. 

Technician Spotlight

Newark area Technician, Sammy Wawl, takes his customer's satisfaction very seriously. This past holiday season, one customer called in to the office on Christmas Eve requesting a service visit. Before customer service could call the customer back, Sammy was already on site taking care of the customer. That's how Sammy treats all his customers.