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How To Get Rid of Mice

When you have a mouse infestation in your property you want the problem taken care of fast and taken care of reliably. That's what we have been doing here at Ehrlich for a long time now. We offer comprehensive inspections and mouse removal methods. Our goal is to remove the current mouse problem and then offer you solutions to prevent them from returning.

Our Ehrlich professionals know how to get rid of mice so that they don’t come back. That way you can stop having to worry about mice scampering in the walls or tiny teeth chewing on furniture. Our expertise is in finding where the mice are hiding and then helping you determine the best ways to prevent them from returning.

If you are concerned that you have a mouse infestation, then call 1-800-837-5520 or use our online contact form to schedule an appointment today.

How to Get Rid of Mice in Your House

There is no good way to just live with mice once you have an infestation. We recommend contacting pest control professionals to get rid of the mice before they become a serious health concern for either your family or pets.

Although there are many DIY methods on the market, the fact is that it takes special training to identify where mice are entering your home and to find all of the places they are using to hide. An Ehrlich technician can help.

Our pest control specialists work with you to find the most comprehensive solution for your property. Wherever you have mice on your property, finding the right methods for your family, business, pets and the environment is important.

Ehrlich Technicians are trained in performing discreet, but effective, pest control treatments for mice and other rodents. We use an integrated pest management solution that looks at ways to remove the existing infestation and to prevent their return. This is the most environmentally sound solution that uses fewer chemical treatments and relies on prevention to remove the need for further treatments.

Ehrlich Service Benefits

Next Day Service Call - your problem will be dealt with quickly and once your appointment is set, an Ehrlich representative will call you within 24 hours.

Times convenient to you - no need to wait in for us!

Environmentally-sensitive approach - all our technicians are GreenPro certified. We aim to use materials which produce maximum effect with the minimum environmental impact.

Expert Ehrlich Technicians - our state-qualified, licensed applicators undergo regular training to enhance their expertise.

Peace of mind - we’ll make as many visits as needed to ensure the mouse problem is completely resolved.

Expert advice - to help you prevent future mice infestations. Using our expert knowledge and proactive approach, we can ensure maximum protection against mice.

Safe pest control techniques - you don’t need to worry about the safety of children, pets or employees. With access to a range of technologies and innovation, we can offer targeted treatments to ensure an effective solution to your problem.

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