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Although small in size, mice pose serious health threats to humans. Mice are known transmitters of diseases like hantavirus and salmonella. Additionally, a protein in mouse urine triggers asthma attacks and other allergic reactions.

They can multiply quickly and will do significant damage to your home, business and furniture through their gnawing activities. They will also contaminate food and other materials through the droppings they leave behind.

Not only are mice destructive, but have been known to cause house fires after chewing through electrical cables.

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Ehrlich's Mouse Control Service

At Ehrlich, we understand the concerns to your home, family or business from the presence of mice.

As experts in mouse control, we provide quick and effective services to help your property stay pest-free.

Backed by over 85 years of global experience, our certified technicians our certified technicians are based in your local state and live in the communities they serve.

With our technicians receiving ongoing training for the latest technology, treatments and innovation, we are in the best position to be able to offer you the most efficient mouse control services available. We are committed to solving your ongoing mice control problems and help you to rodent-proof your property. 

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