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As your local pest control experts, Ehrlich strives to inform our customers about pests as well as control solutions that can be utilized to prevent and eliminate pest problems. Below is a collection of informational pest control videos that will educate you on our company, common pests and emerging technology in the industry.

We invite you to visit the Rentokil YouTube Channel for more pest control-related videos.


This video features behind-the-scenes footage of Ehrlich Pest Control and Presto-X Pest Control (our sister company) technicians and sales professionals. The short video chronicles what the daily life of a pest control professional. Our colleagues share what they enjoy most about their jobs and what makes Ehrlich different from other pest control companies.  


Did you know in the United States alone that termites are responsible for an estimated $5 billion in property damage every year? The Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System begins working the moment it is put in the ground, preventing worker termites from feeding the rest of the colony. Studies have shown that termites actually prefer the Sentricon bait even more than actual wood.


Bed bugs have made a massive comeback in the last two decades in the United States. The tiny, blood-thirsty insects give business owners and homeowners nightmares as they can spread throughout a property quickly and are difficult to eliminate with do-it-yourself methods. If you believe you may have a bed bug problem, contact your local Ehrlich branch as soon as possible to schedule a free inspection.


The above video introduces the Ehrlich corporate culture through the words of our own colleagues. From support staff team members to the President, our colleagues stress the importance of customer service excellence, relationship management and teamwork.  

Keeping your property free from pests requires professional expertise that can only be achieved through world-class training. All Ehrlich technicians receive the best training in the industry and are knowledgeable about pests that are active in your local area. When it comes to pest control, rely on Ehrlich.

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