Protecting the Hospitality Industry One Pest at a Time

09 January, 2012

Rentokil North America Pest Control provides a pest management solution that helps Hotel General Managers protect their reputation and their brand. The Rentokil family – Ehrlich, Presto-X, Rentokil Canada and Watch All – has over 80 years of combined experience providing integrated pest management solutions in the hotel industry. Our proactive approach and in-depth knowledge of specific pest environments, means we’re the perfect choice to help protect your business – and reputation.

A unique challenge, a unique solution.

Hotels present a unique challenge in pest control. International travel, multiple entrances, food preparation and sleeping accommodation means that your business is an attractive target for many common pests, no matter how careful you are.

We’ll help guard against infestations before it happens and eradicate any pests that are present, giving you confidence that kitchens and public spaces are pest-free and that rooms are always available. This proactive approach avoids the stress of having to deal with a pest situation when you may be at your busiest. Our advanced program is tailored to provide total peace of mind through the use of highly developed pest control technology and processes with a team of experts locally, nationally and globally.

With our proprietary, online monitoring system, PestNetOnline, your staff will have access to interactive site plans that show the coverage of your site’s pest control, and highlight any areas with pest infestations or outstanding recommendations. Real time data and online documentation ensure that your pest control records are always complete and up to date.

“Our proactive approach to Bed Bug Control involves education, early detection, training your staff, routine inspections and a customized treatment approach for infested rooms.” notes Segment Marketing Manager Jerry Kahl, “We offer a multi-dimensional solution for bed bugs which involves inspection, conventional treatment, Entotherm (heat) treatment, steam remediation, fumigation, K9 detection and mattress encasements.” We can have your guest rooms back in service within 24 hours.

Comprehensive Pest Protection

In order to protect your hotel’s reputation, Rentokil maintains the highest standards in three key interrelated areas.

They are:

  • Food Hygiene Areas
  • Accommodation and Public Areas
  • External Areas

Each of these areas present unique challenges that require individually targeted solutions. And for full protection, it’s important these solutions are coordinated and managed with a comprehensive perspective.

Food Hygiene Areas

Your restaurant is an integral (and time consuming) part of your business – so pest problems here are the last thing you need. Current hygiene regulations require professional pest protection to help maintain the highest ratings.

Common areas for concern include the following:

  • Food storage
  • Food preparation
  • Dining room
  • Waste area
  • Drain lines

Accommodation and Public Areas

Guest rooms and public areas are where your guests spend the majority of their time. As a result it’s where good or bad impressions are formed.

The main areas for attention are:

  • Guest room
  • Lobby
  • Fitness areas, gyms or spas
  • Meeting rooms
  • Dining areas/Restaurants

External Areas

Pests can also cause damage to the exterior of your property. Measures to protect the outside areas of your hotel should be considered.

Areas for concern include:

  • Parking Garage
  • Roof area
  • Balconies
  • Structure Perimeters

To learn more about Rentokil North America Pest Control’s integrated pest management solution specific to the hotel industry, and how we can protect your reputation, contact Segment Marketing Manager Jerry Kahl at 610.372.9700 ext. 26913 or

Throughout North America, Rentokil operates Ehrlich in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast, Presto-X in the Midwest, Watch-All in New England, Rentokil in Canada and Tetengo in Mexico. With over 80 years of experience, Rentokil NA has been providing Integrated Pest Management solutions to businesses and homeowners. Whether you run a local business, or oversee multiple facilities across North America, Rentokil uses innovative methods to solve and prevent your pest problems. We offer several unique pest control services, including: Commercial and Residential Pest Control Services, Bed Bug Control Services, Termite Control Services, Bird Control Management Vegetation Management and Bioremediation Services. 

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