Get Ready for the Return of the Stink Bug

25 August, 2011

Image of Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (Halyomorpha halys) | Ehrlich Pest Control

Be prepared this fall! When temperatures get cooler, Stink Bugs will begin their march from your garden into your home. During the summer months, the brown marmorated stink bug lives in your landscape. When cooler temperatures arrive, these nuisance pests will make their appearance and invade your home to survive the winter.

As temperatures drop, stink bugs seek warmth, gathering on the south and west sides of buildings. They will enter through cracks or crevices, utility pipes, chimneys, attic vents, furnace/dryer vents and under facades.

“Ehrlich has worked diligently to develop a solution that helps homeowners and business owners to prevent the stink bug from bugging our customers,” says Chad Gore, Ph.D. Entomologist / Regional Technical Manager for Ehrlich Pest Control. “Our treatment protocol works to reduce the population and increases the likelihood that they won’t come inside.”

The Brown marmorated stink bug, originally from Asia, is now present in at least 33 states and has been sighted as far west as Oregon and California. The Rockies and the Plains states haven’t been hit by the invasion, but it’s only a matter of time. Known as hitchhikers, stink bugs will soon appear across the US – thanks to human travel.

Stink bugs don’t bite or damage property but they are becoming a major nuisance pest to homeowners and business owners alike. It’s a different story for apple farmers in the Mid-Atlantic, stink bugs are a serious agricultural pest and are responsible last year for $33 million in damage.

The stink bug is a prolific breeder; hence the large quantity of bugs at any given time. Each female can lay up to 400 eggs in her lifetime. These eggs can hatch in 3-7 days. Once inside, they go into a state of hibernation until winter is over. Warm winter days or heating may trigger activity indoors. The good thing is they will never reproduce inside of a home or structure.

Effective stink bug control begins with some do-it-yourself prevention. 

As a home owner you can do a number of things to prevent stink bugs such as:

  • seal holes in exterior walls larger than the diameter of a pencil
  • check door and window frames for holes
  • ensure that door sweeps, doors and windows are tight-fitting and
  • be sure your window screens fit tightly

If you are interested in a stronger line of defense, call us to learn about the Ehrlich Stink Bug Control Solution, 800.488.9495.

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