The Pest Olympics

01 April, 2010

With the Olympics now over, we have time to reflect on the amazing physical abilities of the participating athletes. Each set of games has its share of triumph and heartache. And the results achieved each year trump those from the previous games.
Here’s an interesting twist from those of us in the pest control industry -- did you ever wonder what the Olympics would be like if pests were the athletes? Inch for inch and ounce for ounce, most pests far outperform their human rivals. Think about the events we could hold at The Pest Olympics and what amazing pest feats you might see:

The High/Long Jump: Mice can jump 12 inches straight up while rats can jump 36 inches vertically 48 inches horizontally. The tiny flea can jump 150 times its own length. Proportionally, that’s the same as a human jumping 1,000 feet! (One flea actually broke a world record and won a gold medal for jumping 4 feet!)

The Tight Squeeze: Rats can fit through openings that are almost invisible -- as small as 1/2 inch in diameter. This means they can climb the inside of vertical pipes that are 1 1/2 to 4 inches wide. (Fortunately, Ehrlich can advise on how best to close these gaps!)

The Long Distance Shuffle: Bedbugs are capable of travelling as far as 100 feet. That may not sound like much until you consider that we’re talking about an animal that is 1/8 inch long.

The Speed Demon: If a man could run as fast for his size as an ant can, he could run as fast as a racehorse.

The Weight Lifting Event: Remember the Rubber Tree Plant song?! Ants can lift 20 times their own body weight. That would be like most humans lifting 3,000 pounds!

The Rodent Free Fall: Mice can fall 12 feet and a rat can drop 50 feet with no injury.

The Slam Dunk: A single brown bat can catch around 1,200 mosquito-size insects in one hour.

Survivor at Sea: Rats can swim 1/2 mile in open sea and tread water for 3 days. They can dive 100 feet underwater and hold their breath for as long as 15 minutes.

Just a bit of pest control current events from Ehrlich, Your Local Pest Control Experts.

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