Bugs You Can Live With...And Without

02 August, 2010

When you should call a professional pest control company and when to wait it out.

It’s question we hear a lot. “When do I need a pest control company?” According to the pest experts at Ehrlich, not every pest and pest sighting needs professional control. There are times, they say, when it’s ok to wait it out.

“It really comes down to a few factors,” says Dr. Chris Arne, entomologist and Technical Director at Ehrlich.

First, consider the type of pest. “Some, like pavement ants, ladybugs, millipedes and stinkbugs, are what we call nuisance pests,” says Arne. “You may not want them around, but they don’t threaten your home or your family. Pests that bite (like bed bugs) or spread disease (like cockroaches) should prompt a call to a professional immediately.”

Second, consider the level of infestation. “One ladybug is not a problem, but when you start to see lots of them, it may indicate a more serious problem.”

Third, what simple steps can you take to prevent the problem? In many situations, there’s a simple fix. Pests like mosquitoes need standing water – remove water from kiddy pools, make sure your gutters are draining, etc. Repair holes in window screens. Use yellow outdoor lights. Clean up food spills.

Last, consider your own tolerance level in light of the other 3 factors. Some people cannot tolerate any pest in their home. For others, the occasional nuisance invader is no big deal.

If in doubt, call a professional like Ehrlich. If you’re not sure what kind of pest you have, most professional pest control companies like Ehrlich offers free inspections and will be glad to provide advice on how to pest proof your home.