Ehrlich strives to provide Wikipedia equivalent for US pest control

26 March, 2009

Read about Ehrlich's new pest guide information portal. Featuring pests from all over the globe, this has the aim of becoming the most comprehensive online pest control resource in the US.

READING, PA, March 23, 2009 - Ehrlich Pest Control has launched its new pest guide information portal that covers over 200 different types of pests - insects, rodents, beetles and other animals that appear where they are not wanted. The company has developed the new site to serve as the main point of reference for US consumers who need more information about pests and how to control them.

One of the unique aspects of Ehrlich’s site is its global approach. Visitors can find information on pests indigenous to the US as well as throughout the world. “While our main customer base is in the Northeast United States, we live in a very global world,” said Lynn Gerlach, Ehrlich Corporate Communications Manager, “and pest control is no exception. This new site details the appearance, lifecycle, habits and treatment options on pests from the Australian Spider Beetle to the Zebra Spider and everything in between.”

Ehrlich says their aim in launching this new site was to provide a truly comprehensive source where consumers can learn more about almost any pest they may have in their home or business, regardless of their geographic location.

Because it features pests from all over the globe, Ehrlich feels that this is one of the most comprehensive online pest control resources in the US – a sort of ‘Wikipedia of Pest Control'. “We wanted the Pest Guide to be complete, so we have included pests such as raccoons, ants, rodents and snakes found all the way from Lancaster, Pennsylvania to Kenya, Africa. As you can imagine, there is quite a diversity of pests,” said Gerlach.

In addition to background information on each pest, Ehrlich commissioned a special gallery of original paintings and drawings for each of the 200 pests. This collection of images was created by Bridget Houlton and Paul Houlton of The Barn Gallery from Bilsington, Kent (UK) and marks a departure from the traditional approach of depicting pests through scary images. “These high quality pest images are not only beautiful, but they provide visitors with a detailed, up-close look of just about any pest imaginable,” said Gerlach, Ehrlich.

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For more information: Lynn Gerlach
Corporate Communications
Ehrlich Pest Control
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