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“Pestaurant on Pennsy” Bites Back at Hunger with Donation to DC Central Kitchen

26 June, 2014

Ehrlich Pest Control donates $6,015 to charity, DC Central Kitchen, from its June 4th "Pestaurant on Pennsy" event.

Ehrlich Pest Control Takes Applications at a Pop-up Pestaurant at the Park City Center Job Fair

20 June, 2014

Lancaster, Pa., will be the place to learn more about a career in pest control and sample edible insects as Ehrlich Pest Control hosts a pop-up Pestaurant at the Park City Job Fair.

Bugs and Insects on the Menu at “Pestaurant on Pennsy”

22 May, 2014

Ehrlich Pest Control will be hosting "Pestaurant on Pennsy" on June 4 in Washington, DC to celebrate over 85 years in business.

59% of Americans Are Taking Action To Prevent Bed Bug Infestations

25 April, 2014

A recent Harris Poll found that 59% of Americans are taking precautions against the threat of bed bug infestations, a byproduct of the growing bed bug problem in the U.S.

Termite Awareness Week March 16-22, 2014

14 March, 2014

Ehrlich Pest Control celebrates Termite Awareness Week, March 16-22, by offering advice on how homeowners can keep their houses free of termites this spring and summer.

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