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Pest Control Lancaster, PA

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Our expert, local Lancaster team provides professional pest control services to numerous communities including: Lancaster City, Elizabethtown, Manheim, Lititz, Ephrata, New Holland, Quarryville, Willow Street, Millersville, Columbia and Mount Joy.  

Our 29 Pest and Termite Control Technicians and 4 leadership team members have 547 combined years of experience serving these local areas. 50 colleagues work in our Lancaster office and live in the communities they serve.  

We are very proud of the Ehrlich reputation for customer service in the Lancaster area. We hope you will give us the opportunity to satisfy your needs. 

We are also proud to have been a Top 5 finalist (Southeast Region) for the 2013 PA Community Impact Award!

Customer Testimonials


"Excellent service, explains actions taken thoroughly."




"Reliable service. Customer friendly. Ehrlich specialists always seek out feedback from those on site to ensure all needs are met. I appreciate the partnership."



Very Pleased!

"We are very pleased with our service. We do like our service guy very much. Hope we can keep the same person every time!"



Dennis Geib

Area District Manager of Ehrlich Pest Control in Lancaster County

"I have proudly been part of the Ehrlich organization for 27 years. I joined as a technician in the same branch as I work in now. Our technicians are known and respected because of their true concern for their customers and their properties." 

Lancaster County Pest Trends

Flies Lancaster, PA

Our area is well known for high numbers of flies in the summer season, due to the many farms which make up a large portion of Lancaster County is well known for.

We can help you to reduce the fly populations in your home and business. Our electric fly killers can provide an effective method of control.

Lancaster, PA Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs can go days without feeding, which makes them difficult to remove because they can hide in tiny crevices due to their size. Many DIY bed bug removal treatments don't completely ward off an infestation. So, if you spot one on your mattress or couch, it's important to call a professional pest control service immediately. Professional bed bug removal ensures a higher chance of bed bugs not returning.

Termite Control Lancaster, PA

Termites are often confused with certain species of ants, so it's important pests are properly identified to avoid further damage being done to your property. Proper identification also ensures the correct treatment methods are selected. Due to the amount of damage a termite infestation can cause, it's important to quickly identify and treat the termite infestation. 

As members of the Lancaster county community, our specialists understand you work hard to maintain your home and business, which is why our specialists are updated with latest treatment techniques and methods to provide you with the highest quality pest control service. 

Specialist Pest Control Services in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

In addition to insect and rodent control services, we specialize in termite control, weed control, bird control, bat control and bed bug services. We customize our services to meet your needs.

Numerous Lancaster technicians have performed services for the same customers for 25+ years. They have seen their customers' families grow and now perform services for the children of their original customers. We often even hear customers state that their technician is more like a part of their family than a service professional.