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Shrub Protection/Deer Management

Ehrlich’s Deer Management service is proven to successfully and effectively repel Deer from your property, thereby providing protection for your trees and shrubs.

Ehrlich’s Deer repellent service:

  • Uses odor – service uses odor offensive ONLY to animals
  • Prevents damage – animals leave the area before feeding
  • Effective - in all weather
  • Long lasting – rain resistant
  • Harmless – will not harms plants or animals
  • Monthly service – service for landscape provided

Benefits to your property:

Ehrlich’s Deer repellent service will help to ensure that your property remains:

  • Protected from unwanted animals
  • With healthy, undamaged trees and shrubs

Let one of Ehrlich’s trained deer specialists inspect your property and provide you with an estimate for our Deer repellent service.

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