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How To Get Rid of Meadow Voles


Image of Meadow Vole [Microtus pennsylvanicus] | Ehrlich Pest Control

Meadow voles – also known as meadow mice or field mice – can cause significant damage to your home landscapes. They’re active year round and will even tunnel through snow. They are mostly herbivores (plant eaters) and feed on a variety of garden and ornamental plants, seeds, and grasses.

Meadow Voles in Your Yard

Meadow voles are not good climbers and are typically restricted to near ground level. They usually do not enter homes or other buildings.

Signs of Meadow Voles

Typical signs of a vole problem include:

  • Well-defined runways in the lawn.
  • Gnawing marks at the base of small trees.
  • Shallow tunnels dug just below the surface of the ground.

By girdling (gnawing completely around) a tree or roots, meadow voles can kill trees.

Meadow Vole Prevention

Voles need vegetation for protection from the elements and predators. Reducing their cover will help prevent Meadow Voles.

  • Install metal mesh cages around the base of small trees.
  • Keep all vegetation and grass well trimmed.
  • Do not layer deep mulch. Consider large nuggets or stone instead.

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