Home Rat Control

Home Rat Control

Black Rat (Rattus rattus)

Rats are one of the most problematic household pests. A rat infestation in the immediate vicinity of a house or garden is a danger for the health of humans. 

Rats spread diseases (such as Hantavirus & Salmonella), contaminate food supplies and inflict damage to cables and electrical equipment. Rats multiply at breakneck speed, making it extremely difficult to control infestations without professional help.

Are you concerned about rat problems in your home? Ehrlich Pest Control technicians are trained to identify all signs of rat activity within and around structures.

Free Rat Inspection for Homeowners 

If you have an ongoing rat infestation or worried about future problems, sign up for a free home inspection. A Ehrlich technician will conduct a full survey of your residence and will recommend the best preventative and control solutions. 

Call us NOW at for advice or schedule a free rat inspection online today.

Rat Control Technicians 

  • Ehrlich technicians are all state-certified and licensed to perform rat control services in your home. 
  • The technician who visits your home has graduated from Ehrlich's extensive training program that educates them on identifying rat species and safely executing treatment methods. 
  • In line with our commitment to practicing green pest control, all Ehrlich technicians are GreenPro certified. 
  • In addition to providing you with rodent removal services, your technician can offer expert advice on how to prevent rat problems in the future. 
  • Our rat control solutions have been designed with families in mind. The safety of family members and pets is at the forefront of everything we do.


What You Need To Know About Rats

  • Identifying Rats – One of the most important aspects of rat control is identifying the species of rats that is infesting a space. There are clear differences between species, including the Norway Rat and Roof Rat.
  • Signs of Rats – Being nocturnal and suspicious creatures, rats often go undetected in residences by home owners. However, infestations can be recognized by the signs that rats leave behind, including droppings, smudges, smells, nests and damage to wood, cables and other household materials.
  • Rat Prevention – The best way to keep your rat-free is to prevent rats from ever entering your house. From eliminating entry points where rats can squeeze through to removing all potential food sources in and around your home, there are a number of best practices you can employ that will make it difficult for rats to enter your property
  • How To Get Rid of Rats – Experiencing a rat infestation in your home? From snap traps to intensive rodent cleanout programs, Ehrlich offers a wide selection of services that are designed to rid your home of rodents like rats and mice.

Image of a Family from Ehrlich Pest Control Offering Year Round Protection Plan to Homeowners Ehrlich Year Round Protection Plan 

Rats can remain active indoors throughout the year so it is best to have your home surveyed throughout the year. Ehrlich’s Year Round Protection Plan can help to guard your home against common household invaders, including rodents and insects.

By signing up for the Year Round Protection Plan, homeowners will receive regularly scheduled preventative service, convenient payment options and recommendations for future problems.

Sign up for a free pest inspection or contact Ehrlich at for more information about home rat control.

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