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Norway Rat (Rattus norvegicus)

Are you worried about rats infiltrating and nesting on your property? The best way to avoid and keep rats out of your home is to know how to prevent them from getting indoors in the first place.

Ehrlich offers practical advice & tips for effective rat prevention and you can call us free at for further advice on rat prevention or to arrange a free pest inspection. Ehrlich technicians have been trained to identify the signs of rat activity and conditions conducive to rat activity in residential homes. 

Keeping Rats Out Of Your Home

It is wise for any homeowner to know what attracts rats indoors and how best to proof their homes in order to avoid them from gaining access:

How To Keep Rats Out of Your Home


  • Eliminate Rat Entry Points 

Rat Entry Way Image

Like mice, rats like to live where there is warmth, quiet and a source of food. These are the biggest attractants and why they often seek shelter inside our homes.

The first line of defense against rats is to seal your home. Any holes that are larger than a quarter of an inch will allow rats and mice to gain access.

Rats can squeeze through incredibly small gaps, and will quickly chew through all sorts of materials to create larger openings.

Therefore it is important to seal all openings with steel wool or caulk (not wood, plastic, or expanding foam that they can gnaw through!).

Make sure all doors in your home are tight-fitting to the ground and do NOT allow room for rats to enter. Possible points of entry for rats include cracks, windows and air vents.

Damaged pipes are also a common point of entry for rats. Seal up broken pipes and repair any damaged sewer areas to make your home less attractive to rats and other rodents.

Doors to the garden or yard should be closed consistently, especially in the winter months.

  • Remove Sources of Food

Image of Garbage

Be careful not to attract rats with food. If possible, always store food in glass or metal containers.

Regularly clean under stoves, refrigerators and cupboards. Keep your trash in a strong bin with a lid. If you have pets, keep their food area tidy.

Be sure to remove food or food residues from the sink as rats frequenting sewer and pipe systems will view that as a welcome food source.

Outside your home, overflowing (or not properly sealed) garbage bags can attract rats. If you keep a compost bin in your garden, make sure the lid is always securely fastened and avoid adding meat and dairy products to your compost as the smell could beckon rat activity.

  • Cleanliness Will Help to Deter Rats

Cleaning Supplies Image

Cleanliness in general will help to deter these pests. Keeping clutter to a minimum will reduce the options for nesting sites.

Good sanitation alone is not sufficient enough to get rid of rats in your home, but dirty and messy areas can attract rats, so regular housekeeping is important.

While adhering to the above recommendations will deter infestations, the most reliable rat prevention tactic is hiring a professional pest control company.

If you have seen a rat in your home, do not waste any more precious time. A major rat infestation can occur quickly.

Year Round Protection From Rats 

Rodents like rats and mice are extremely resilient pests. Protect your home from the health and safety hazards pests poise by enrolling in our Year Round Protection Plan. Featuring regular scheduled preventatives service visits and inspections, the Year Round Protection Plan guards homeowners against 36 of the most common pests, including rats. 

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