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How To Get Rid of Mice

House Mouse (Mus Musculus)

Mice in your home can be a really stressful and frightening experience for any homeowner.

Mice can cause all sorts of problems once they have gained access into the warmth and comfort of your home. They can commonly cause damage to walls, wiring, and furniture, and they can carry some serious diseases, such as Leptospirosis and Hantavirus.

For these reasons it’s important to act fast, and ideally at the first signs of mice, to ensure a small mouse problem doesn’t turn into an infestation.

Free Mouse Inspection for Homeowners

Let Ehrlich take the stress out of dealing with a mouse problem! Our professional team of experts can offer you advice and provide the most appropriate solution customized for your home to deal with mice effectively.

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Getting Rid of Mice in Your Home

At Ehrlich, we are experts at getting rid of mice and at helping you to prevent further mice infestations. We offer you a convenient mice extermination service with:

  • Next Day service guaranteed – your problem will be dealt with quickly.
  • Times convenient to you – no need to wait in for us!
  • Environmentally-sensitive approach - all our technicians are GreenPro certified. We aim to use materials which produce maximum effect with the minimum environmental impact
  • Expert Ehrlich Technicians - our state-qualified, licensed applicators undergo regular training to enhance their expertise
  • Peace of mind - we’ll make as many visits as needed to ensure the mouse problem is completely resolved.
  • Expert advice - to help you prevent future mice infestations.
  • Safe pest control techniques using the latest equipment – you don’t need to worry about the safety of children or pets.

What To Do About Mice In Your Home 

Why have I got mice in my home? How did they get in? These are common questions homeowners often have, when they first discover a problem.

At Ehrlich, we aim to offer you answers to these, and many more, questions, offering sound advice and all the necessary solutions available to us to help you with your mouse problem.

  •  Have I got mice or rats?

Although it is possible to get rats in your home, having mice is a far more common problem facing homeowners. Identifying the species of mice invading your home is part of the service offered by Ehrlich and helps establish the correct mouse control program for your home.

Learn more about common mice species found in homes throughout North America.

  • What are common signs of mice? 

Scratching noises and mouse droppings are one of the most common reported signs of the presence of mice. As soon as these and other signs of mice activity are discovered, we recommend you contact your local pest control office for advice on how to act.

  • How can I prevent mice?

Mice tend to be very good climbers, incredibly agile and are able to squeeze through the smallest of gaps (narrower than the diameter of a dime) to gain entry inside your home. If you are worried about how mice have got into your home or want to prevent them, get more information about Mouse Prevention.

  • How can I get rid of mice?

If you know for certain you have mice in your home, Ehrlich can offer a range of solutions and a customized rodent control program for your home to get rid of them as quickly and as effectively as possible.

  • Can mice climb walls? 

Mice are excellent climbers. While there are some vertical surfaces mice will struggle climbing, mice can climb up smooth walls and jump more than a foot in the air. 

The Ehrlich Service Guarantee 

For decades, homeowners have been able to depend on the expert services offered by Ehrlich to get rid of rodents and other pest problems.

Our services and solutions are carried out by skilled and experienced technicians, who are state certified, licensed applicators and are required to participate in regular training programs to maintain their expertise.

Let Ehrlich sort out your mouse problem! 

For immediate help, call Ehrlich free at (888) 976-4649 or arrange a FREE mouse inspection online today.

If you need help to prevent possible future threats from mice, Ehrlich’s Year Round Protection Plan can help to guard your home against common household invaders, including rodents and insects.


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