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Why To Get Rid Of Pest Birds

Why To Get Rid Of Pest Birds

There are a variety of valid reasons for wanting to deter and manage nuisance birds from your home, with the main two reasons generally involving saving money, health & safety, or a combination of both.

Did you know that pest birds now cost homeowners millions of dollars each year in property damage, repairs and sanitation expenses?

As we continue to eliminate and alter their natural habitats, wild birds are adapting to this environmental change by moving into our densely populated urban areas.

Urbanized areas are the ideal environment for bird populations to thrive. Our homes and buildings provide birds like pigeons and starlings, with protection and shelter, and a constant food supply through our uneaten leftovers and biological waste.

While it may be hard for some to think of birds as pests, infestations of nuisance birds can lead to the following:

• Property Damage
• Maintenance Costs
• Health Hazards

Getting rid of pest birds on your property is vital if you want to avoid health hazards, contamination, property damage and disease.

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Benefits of Eliminating Pest Birds In & Around Your Home

Homeowners can indirectly benefit from deterring or eliminating nuisance birds by:

Minimizing Property Damage and Lowering Maintenance Costs

Bird droppings are highly acidic and corrosive and can lead to very expensive property damage. If not cleaned up regularly, bird droppings cause irreversible damage to your fences, rooftops, walkways, walls and window sills.

The acidic composition of bird droppings eats away at paint and metal and can lead to rather costly structural damage.

Besides being an eyesore, highly corrosive bird droppings can lead to very expensive damage of your properties finishes and do create unsanitary conditions around your home, garden and water features.

Avoiding Health Hazards

Besides avoiding property damage, effective bird dispersal also ensures that you avoid the unsanitary and potentially fatal bacterial, fungal & viral diseases that can be contracted around contaminated spaces.

Pest birds are also responsible for carrying certain ectoparasites like bed bugs, bird mites, fleas and ticks that can infest residential structures and bite humans.

How To Get Rid Of Pest Birds Professionally

At Ehrlich, we know that pest birds can cause some serious problems for homeowners which is why we have been committed to offering bird control and bird proofing solutions in North America since 1928.

Ehrlich’s safe, eco-friendly bird deterrent and bird proofing products can provide extremely effective & economical solutions to ensure that you minimize the risks presented by nuisance birds.

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