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Pest Birds As Health Hazards

Why Pest Birds Could Be A Health Hazard

Homeowners are generally unaware of the health hazards associated with pest birds in residential areas, so removing nuisance birds and keeping them from roosting at your home or business is important for the health and safety of your family or employees.

Bird droppings are not only an eyesore, unsanitary, and very costly to clean up, but are also known to help spread disease and cause some serious health problems in humans.

Bird species like pigeons, starlings and other avian pests carry a plethora of bacterial, fungal and viral diseases – some potentially fatal - like Candidiasis (fungal infection), Histoplasmosis (fatal respiratory disease), Salmonella (bacterial infection) and West Nile virus (life-threatening infection spread by mosquitoes that have fed on infected wild birds).

If you’re concerned about the potential health hazards that can be caused by pest birds, contact us on 1-877-855-5659 for further advice on our home bird control services or to schedule a FREE inspection of your property.

Pest Birds and Disease

Avian Pests & Their Role In Disease Transmission

Over 60 types of diseases, illnesses and infections have been associated with pest bird infestations and as a result of bird droppings, feathers and debris under a roost – particularly if roosts have been active for years.

The transmission of these diseases is generally spread by:

• being in contact with bird droppings,
• inhalation of fungus that grows on bird droppings,
• parasitic transferral or;
• food & water contamination

Diseases That Can Be Contracted Through Contact with Bird Droppings

The following diseases have been known to be associated with avian infestations:

• Avian Flu (H5N1)
• Paratyphoid
• St. Louis Encephalitis
• American Trypansomiasis
• Blastomycosis
• …and many more!

The list above is by no means a comprehensive list of the diseases that can be transmitted by pest birds. 

While bird proofing and bird deterrent measures cannot completely prevent or stop birds playing a role in disease transmission, what they do offer is a minimal amount of contact between nuisance birds and humans.

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At Ehrlich, we know that pest birds can cause some serious health problems for homeowners, which is why we have been committed to offering bird control solutions in North America since 1928. 

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Ehrlich’s safe, eco-friendly bird deterrent and bird proofing products can provide extremely effective & economical solutions to ensure that you minimize the risks presented by pest birds.

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