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Bird Control for Home Owners

Bird Control for Homeowners

Pest birds can cause real damage to one of the biggest investments that you will make in your lifetime – buying your own home.

Suburban environments provide wild birds with an attractive habitat where they can thrive on eating our leftovers, as well as roosting and sheltering for protection in our buildings.

While it may be hard for some to think of birds as pests, infestations of nuisance birds can lead to health hazards, contamination, property damage and disease.

Besides being an eyesore, highly corrosive bird droppings can lead to very expensive damage of your properties finishes and do create unsanitary conditions around your home, garden and water features.

At Ehrlich, we know that pest birds can cause some serious problems which is why we have been committed to offering bird control and bird proofing solutions to homeowners in North America since 1928.

If you have any questions about how to keep your home free of pest birds, call us now on 1-877-855-5659.

Bird Control Products For Residential Properties

Ehrlich’s safe, eco-friendly home bird control and bird proofing products can provide extremely effective & economical solutions to ensure that you minimize the risks presented by pest bird infestations.

Bird Control Spikes

Contrary to popular belief, bird spikes are not designed to harm birds. The sole objective and purpose of bird spikes is to create an off-limits area that birds will not be able to land on.

Bird spikes can be glued, screwed or tied down to most surfaces and are commonly used under eaves, on fences, ledges, roof lines and window sills.

Bird Netting

Bird netting is generally used to prevent birds from nesting in established nesting sites. It can be installed permanently or temporarily to deal with seasonal problems caused by migratory birds.

Wire Deterrent Systems

This type of bird control system is primarily used on exposed ledges and blends well with architecture due to it being discreet. It is also quite common to employ this bird deterrent on historical buildings, upmarket hotels and museums.

Electrical Deterrent Systems

Ehrlich’s Electrical Deterrent Systems utilize a dual wire energized design that emits a mild electrical jolt when a bird lands. This electrical jolt is very low profile and does not harm the bird.

Tactile Bird Repellents

Designed to alter or change the landing and perching sites of nuisance birds. They are generally applied to ledges, roofs, cornices, window sills and under eaves. These repellents are sticky, tacky and transparent and a humane method when it comes to controlling unwanted birds.

Turf Repellents

Several products are available for application, all are harmless to pets. Specifically used to repel geese by being applied to grassy areas where geese graze.

Sonic Dispersal Systems

As the name implies, these are sound producing devices that can help you with your bird problem. Effective for short term results, but best integrated with other bird control methods.

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