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DIY Mosquito Control

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If you have a problem with mosquitoes, there are a number of tricks you can try at home to reduce the population. 

If you would prefer to prevent mosquitoes, we would recommend that you contact a pest control company prior to; or at the beginning of the mosquito season for professional mosquito prevention treatments.

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Mosquito Control Products

While we do not endorse any of these products, a range of products are available to help you treat or control an existing mosquito problem. 

If you decide to use these products, please be aware that they are not very effective, do not always offer a quick solution and they must be used correctly to ensure optimum results.

DEET is the most widely used active ingredient in insect repellents, and has been shown to be highly effective and safe. Using a DEET-based product or a repellent containing EPA-registered active ingredients is recommended as the most effective method of repelling mosquitoes.

  • Mosquito nets – effective, widely available and used worldwide to cover a sleeping area, mosquito nets can help to keep you safe from mosquitoes and their bites whilst you sleep at night. Nets can also be used on strollers and child carriers.
  • Coils – available in hardware stores and to buy online, these coils are burnt to produce a mosquito repellent smoke.
  • Traps / Zappers – when hung outside, mosquito zappers can help to reduce mosquito numbers in your yard. Mosquitoes are attracted to the light from these traps, and on contact they are instantly eliminated.
  • Candles – burning citronella candles, in particular, can be effective in keeping mosquitoes away from you. Place these candles nearby to be effective.

DIY products cannot guarantee the reduction of a mosquito problem.

No product or service will ever "completely" reduce mosquito infestations! 

A pest control professional will always have the required knowledge about mosquito habits and lifecycle, access to effective control products and the necessary training to control or greatly reduce mosquitoes effectively.

Natural Mosquito Deterrents

  • Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus – this is a natural ingredient often used in repellents. It is available from natural health food stores, but will not be as effective as commercially available repellents with an OLE formulation available to pest controllers.
  • Citronella – a very common, and easy to grow grass. If you plant this in your yard, it could help to deter mosquitoes but only if you crush the leaves to release its natural scent.

If you fail to resolve your mosquito problem using DIY products, please contact your local pest control professional for effective mosquito control services.

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