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How To Get Rid of Flies

Image of Fruit Fly [Drosophila species] | Ehrlich Pest Control

If you already have flies around your home, there are a range of options available to get rid of the flies efficiently.

Options To Get Rid of Flies

  • Sanitation – eliminate breeding sites with these steps: clean and dry areas around your home, don’t overwater plants and seal outside cracks where water accumulates.
  • Exclusion – Close or screen windows and doorways or install air curtains over doorways that must remain open.
  • Non-Chemical –UV light traps and pheromone traps, as well as strategically-placed glue traps can help to catch adult flies.
  • Insecticides – application of residual insecticides or baits around larval and adult fly resting sites.
  • Bioremediation – will break down grease and organic debris build-up in and around floor drains to eliminate fly breeding areas. Bioremediation service is offered to commercial kitchens.

Many homeowners struggle with do it yourself pest control products, like homemade fly traps, and the results are often less than satisfactory.

Small problems can develop into large ones and this is when many people seek out the services of a professional exterminator.

Getting Rid of Flies Professionally

Ehrlich offers a FREE pest inspection to all customers, who may be worried about flies or any other pest problem.

The key to getting rid of flies in the home is the removal of breeding sites and other attractive conditions, such as food or garbage.

An Ehrlich technician will inspect:

  • the interior and the exterior of the property
  • look for potential breeding sites and the source of the fly problem
  • make recommendations on how to solve the pest problem

Ehrlich Technicians are skilled, extensively trained and experienced professionals – they are state certified licensed pest control Technicians. They understand the habits of pest species and use that knowledge to choose the proper control methods and to develop an effective control program. They also have respect for you, your home, your family and your time.

At Ehrlich Pest Control, we pride ourselves on fast, responsive service every day. We are always available 24 hours a day for any emergency pest concerns that may develop and all appointments are scheduled at times that are convenient for you our customer.

Call Ehrlich free at for further advice on how to get rid of flies or arrange a FREE pest inspection by a technician.

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